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Structure of the costs groups

In your operating review at the tab Results, there are three major groups of costs. On mouse-over the cells with the small black triangle, you will get additional information on the numbers.

Example of overview all costs after four years.

As you can see in this example above which shows the operating review of a demo team after four years:

  • the fixed costs have stayed the same during all four years, the fixed depreciation costs are one of them.
  • the variable costs depend on the occupancy rate like laundry: the more rooms occupied the more laundry.
  • the costs team decisions, will depend of course on the decisions the team took over the years.

Overview of the total of the variable costs

Let's check the variable costs, as they looked like at the moment you take over: in the picture the grey area. In the table underneath the green numbers.

Costs: fixed Depreciation costs of existing assets € 525,187 34.64%
Fixed staff costs € 550,271 36.29%
Costs of premises € 390,473 25.75%
Insurance & interest costs € 50,012 03.29%
Total fixed costs € 1,515,943 100% 62.36%
Costs: variable Variable staff costs € 355,170 38.95%
Laundry costs € 118,390 12.94%
Cleaning costs € 236,780 25.88%
F&B purchase costs € 204,312 22.33%
Total variable costs € 914,652 100%37.63%
Costs: team decisions Marketing costs € 0 00.00%
Extra staff rewarding costs € 0 00.00%
Extra depreciations costs € 0 00.00%
Market research costs € 0 00.00%
Other costs € 0 00,00%
Total team decisions costs € 0 100% 00.00%
Total all costs € 2,430,595 € 2.430.595 100%

You can't influence these variable costs, but they will vary depending on the number of guests-bookings you have in the hotel. They will be automatically calculated related to the occupancy rate and visible on your operational review. They make up 37.63% of the total costs as you take over.

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