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Competition has ended. Pictures of the Trade Fair available on Flickr

Welcome to the Emerald Forest Hotel!

This is the homepage of your simulation in Breda, called 25NL, May 2018. English is meant as a way of communication so the texts might not always be totally correct. All of the content of the simulation is in English. English is used for all of your communication: on websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram), events, campaigns we strongly encourage this.

Run the Emerald Forest Hotel

You all take over the Emerald Forest Hotel as a management team. You have to run your hotel, trying to do better than has been done in the past. Last year's decisions and results, the history, are available as a point of reference. The hotels are located in your own country in a number of fictitious cities called Amstelburg, Budano and many more. Each city consists of seven up to ten hotels. Your direct, or main competitors are the teams/hotels in your city. This platform is where you can find documentation on many elements linked to your hotel, so use it for instance the many info pages. All direct communication during the simulation will be done via the Facebook group 25NL: so join as soon as possible! But you will also find the hotel and its owner on many other (social) platforms. It is an important task to get a grip on all this information and communication.

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How to manage the hotel

You manage the hotel primarily by:

  • Making strategic choices in the Preparations and then decisions on prices and on expenses during four years;
  • Explaining why and how you do things;
  • Running your communications, your website and social media in a proper way;
  • Live-actions in the game;
  • Taking into account the competitions, real live and other things happening during the competition.

All of this is evaluated each playing year by the coaches, in assessing your creativity and entrepreneurship. These two elements, combined with your decisions and some other elements like the demand in the market, are used to calculate the occupancy rate of your hotel. This will result in a complete operating review, showing your profit and lots of ratios. You will also get some (limited) feedback from your coach.

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Too much information

This platform contains all the information about the hotel and other elements you need and more. You can navigate to the information needed. There just is too much, just like in real life. So only look for information needed. All blue links are clickable and will bring you to another page inside of this platform. For instance, clicking on Photos and videos will jump to this page with photos and videos of the hotel. All blue links with a small arrow will open a new tab in your browser with an internet site outside of this platform: for instance hospitality trends 2017 or more hotel trends in 2016 or download the AF&CO Trendreport 2016 (will take a minute). The navigation on top will always stay active. The search box, top right-hand corner, works very well if you look for any information. Just type in the most logical word. Just try: you can look for pages exactly with the name of the element your search for or for pages where this word is used (chose 'containing'). Or try from the top menu selection Information and pick your choice, for instance info pages. By now there are 2,463 pages in this platform, so if you're new, follow the steps and tasks explained below, preventing you from getting lost!

Do use real sources and benchmarks in all of your decisions, like:

  • Very interesting yearbook with loads of information: foresight and innovations in the global hotel industry Hotel Yearbook 2017.
  • Hotel trends 2018 or an interesting page as well: real statistics of hotels in Europe.
  • Very interesting site with loads of information on hospitality and hotels: HTrends
  • Some interesting reports, but more in-depth Hotel industry reports 2018
  • Local information, as your hotel is located in the country you are in, so the Netherlands
  • An indication of costs on inventory etc. is the file estimating hotel costs. Do not focus too much on details: it does give you some indication of what costs might be. Try to be realistic, but as in reality 'how much does it cost' depend on so many things and is not easy to answer. And don't be penny-wise and pound foolish! And in all decisions skip all decimals for sure.

Module The Game

Module The Game consists of two parts:

-1- The Game.
All tasks related to run a hotel you will find underneath, as well as the coaches. This part accounts for 75% of your mark for module The Game. Your mark will be the average of the creativity mark and entrepreneurship mark in each of the five rounds.

-2- A financial management assignment based on your hotel.
For this part, you will get seminars and support from your lecturers in financial management (Arion van Ingen and Pieter Piket). This part you will hand in on Cum Laude: the lecturers in financial management will give you all the details of this assignment.
This part, in the end, accounts for 25% of your mark for Module The Game.

Obviously: the better you run this hotel simulation, the more you get a grip on everything which will help very much in bringing the game and the financial assignment to a good end. Let's look at the game now.

The coaches during Module The Game

Each city will be guided by it's own coach, as much as possible.

Coach and cities
City name-number Coach Code e-Mail Course
-01- Amstelburg Haske Megens MEG ITM
-02- Budano Jalal Atai ATA ITM
-03- Copenstadt Elisa Droll DRL ITM
-04- Dreskovski Yvette Stok STY ITM
-05- Geopodo Joop Lengkeek LEN MT
-06- Hadique Remco Wachelder WAC MT
-07- Jinanang Theo van de Laar LAT MT
-08- Kingsglade Danny Linssen LNS MT
-09- La Palz Wytze Veltman VEL MT

If you have specific questions with regard to financial management assignment, please consult the lecturers: Arion van Ingen and Pieter Piket.

Your marks

Each round your work will be evaluated by your coaches: on the element of entrepreneurship as well as creativity. This brings ten evaluations which will be published after the total of the module and on an average bring your final mark for the game part of module The Game. During the game, you will get coach comments, though. Marks are individual but very likely in many cases will be the same for all team members. Your coaches' evaluation, has a 60-70% direct influence on your occupancy rate.

Marking in the game
Round Entrepreneurship
Elements Creativity
Preparation 1-10 Name, strategy, target groups 1-10 Logo, slogan, name
Year 1 1-10 Arguments on decisions, calculations, reflection 1-10 Website
Year 2 1-10 Arguments on decisions, calculations, reflection 1-10 Social Media
Year 3 1-10 Arguments on decisions, calculations, reflection 1-10 Trade Fair
Year 4 1-10 Arguments on decisions, calculations, reflection 1-10 Management issue

Your game tasks

We strongly recommend all of you to be present at every scheduled moment. There are city meetings (with your coach) as well as 'meet your team' sessions (only with your team). These 'meet your team' time-slots are scheduled so that all members of the teams can be present: please do so. Decide within your team contract how you are going to organise this: look ahead at all the five weeks. Remember that you are entrepreneurs during all of the five weeks. So keep your social media, website, and activities alive. So apart from your decisions and their deadlines, you can always work on the other elements.
So what to do first? Do the tasks underneath step by step.

Tasks to be done in week 21, Preparation and year 1: deadline Friday 25th of May at 12.00

* Task 1: Classes Visit the central kick-off with all the other hotels in your city: you will get instructions from Christina Bergman who owns the hotel now. And there will be information from Hugo Potharst.
The day after, you will meet with your city coach and the other hotels you compete with.

You will receive team information regarding the competition:

  • the team members with whom you will be the management of the hotel. The sooner you meet, the better
  • the team number of your hotel. This will look like 25NL-A01
  • your competition is the 25th competition in the Breda, the Netherlands so NL. Your team number for instance A01
  • your hotel is located in a city starting with letter A, which is the fictitious city of Amstelburg, B stands for Budano etc.
  • your hotel is hotel number 01 (out of approx. ten hotels in your city, which are your competitors)
  • a (printed out) secret link will be handed-out at the first city meeting with your coach. With this link, you'll have access to your hotels' so-called Team file: the most important file. This is the document in which you present the new plans of your hotel (and make all your decisions). This link will look like '''' and is case sensitive.

Keep this link private and secret! Inside this Team File, you will also find your private financial information (also for your eyes only).
The example shows what that paper you will get with this link, will look like:

Example inlogcodes 02.jpg

Schedule for this week:
> Tuesday Central kick-off
> Wednesday City meeting (see schedule)
> Meet your team (see schedule)
> 1 Consultancy hour per city (see schedule): use this session for questions, suggestions, help etc.
> During all of the week-weekend: a company doesn't close at certain hours: keep the communication on your hotel 'alive'

* Task 2: Meet with your team members
Plan meetings with your team to make preparations and plans for who is going to do what. Managing a hotel is having your team and hotel well organised. So try to work together on a professional basis, but do keep everybody to his/her tasks. If a person doesn't show up or doesn't perform as required act immediately! You need to set-up a team-contract in your Team file. An example of this you can find on Cum Laude.

* Task 3: Study E-manual
Study this 25NL E-manual: here you will find what you need to read before taking any action.
If you look for information on any subject you can search with the search box top-right-hand corner or the info pages.

* Task 4: Join the Facebook and WhatsApp group
Go to Facebook group 25NL and request to join the group. You can join with more members, or even with a (personal) hotel page (though officially not allowed). Out of each team, we suggest, as well, one member to represent the team in a WhatsApp group. This is the first line of additional help during the game.

* Task 5: Deadline Preparation part in your Team File Friday the 25th at 12.00
Now have a look at your Team file which is in Google Docs, via the secret link you received. All team members can log in using this link: multiple users at the same time is no problem. Your team will work on this document and also find it results in here. After reading, discuss your strategic plans with regard to the hotel and come to a conclusion. Fill out all elements in the Preparations tab of your Team File: so make a contract with your team, decide on a new name, a logo, a slogan. And, make your strategic choices.

* Task 6: Deadline decisions year 1, also Friday the 25th at 12.00
Make all the ten decisions in your Team File before 12.00, as well. Too late will bring your hotel in problems.
Be sure to explain why you make certain choices and give calculations and look at the other years (history) and benchmarks (reality).

Tasks to be done in week 22, year 2: deadline Friday 1st of June at 12.00

  • Wednesday City meeting
  • Meet your your team (see schedule)
  • Seminar Financial management
  • Deadline decisions year 2, Friday the 1st of June at 12.00. Too late will bring your hotel in problems.

Be sure to explain why you make certain choices and give calculations and look at the other years (history) and benchmarks (reality).

Tasks to be done in week 23, year 3: deadline Friday the 8th of June at 12.00

  • Wednesday City meeting
  • Meet your your team (see schedule)
  • Trade Fair Thursday 7th of June , check file 25NL Trade fair for details
  • Deadline decisions year 3, Friday the 8th of June at 12.00. Too late will bring your hotel in problems.

Be sure to explain why you make certain choices and give calculations and look at the other years (history) and benchmarks (reality).

Tasks to be done in week 24, year 4: deadline Friday the 15th of June at 12.00

  • Wednesday City meeting
  • Meet your your team (see schedule)
  • Seminar Financial management
  • Deadline decisions year 4, Friday the 15th of June at 12.00. Too late will bring your hotel in problems.

Be sure to explain why you make certain choices and give calculations and look at the other years (history) and benchmarks (reality).

Tasks to be done in week 25

  • Final Ceremony Tuesday the 19th of June
  • City meeting
  • Q&A Financial management
  • Financial assignment

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