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During the game you will be evaluated on a number of things.
In any competition, there are different elements and different ways in which you are evaluated eventually. Ask your coaches for this.


One of the important things is to manage your team. The regular situation is that the entire team gets the same marks.
This may not the case if:

  • a coach has good reasons to give different team members individual marks. For instance, as a result of lack of management attitude, missing out on meetings or sessions, or contribution to the team.
  • team members alert their coach on the lack of commitment of a team member.

Basis for marks

In a normal situation, the marks will be as follows.

  • 10 excellent
  • 9 very good
  • 8 good
  • 7 fair
  • 6 acceptable
  • 5 not sufficient
  • 4 very weak
  • 3 not good
  • 2 bad
  • 1 very bad

Final average grades of 5,5 or better pass.
But again, this might be different in your competition.

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