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Cost groups

There are three major cost groups visible in the operating review after each year:

  • the fixed costs have stayed the same during all four years, and the fixed depreciation costs are one of them.
  • the variable costs depend on the occupancy rate
  • the costs team decisions, will depend of course on the decisions the team took over the years.

Fixed depreciation costs of existing assets

There is a number of depreciation costs of existing assets, set at € 525,187 fixed costs which you can find in the operating review and which you cannot influence. This part of the fixed costs is called depreciation costs of existing assets. You do not have to bother about this amount, though it is around 34.64% of your total of costs as you have a rather big asset. As these costs are fixed they are not influenced by the occupancy rate nor by your decisions and so will stay the same all over the years.

Costs as shown after all of the years.

With a mouseover in column A you will get additional information.

New investments

However, if you do new investments, you will get a cost group Depreciation costs of new investments on your operating review. In your explanations, you should calculate how you want to do this.
You can do investments of max. € 900,000 per year. You will have to explain of course what you planning to use this money for. As you will only get an overview of costs and revenues per year in the operating review you will not see the investment anywhere on for instance your balance. You do not have to worry about financing your investment neither: the € 900,000 per year is no problem.
So you have to consider if you want the extra costs coming from your investment. All your investments will be linearly depreciated in 4 years without any residual value; there is no choice in this. So you fill out the investment itself. The depreciation costs during all four operational years will be calculated by the program. There will be no other costs of new investments, like interest. For the rest see the max numbers in the table underneath. So if you want to invest € 900,000 in year one, fill this out and the system will create € 225,000 (row 44 tab results) in year 1 as depreciation costs. And later also for the other years to come.

Max. investments and depreciations
Year Investment Additional yearly depreciationsTotal depreciations this year
History Not done € 0 € 0
Year 1 Max € 900,000 € 225,000 € 225,000
Year 2Max € 900,000 € 225,000 € 450,000
Year 3 Max € 900,000 € 225,000 € 675,000
Year 4 Max € 900,000 € 225,000 € 900,000
TotalMax € 3,600,000 € 900,000 € 2,250,000

But you can also chose for total different investments like:

Max. investments and depreciations
Year Investment Additional yearly depreciationsTotal depreciations this year
History Not done € 0 € 0
Year 01 € 100,000 € 25,000 € 25,000
Year 02 none 0 € 25,000
Year 03 € 200,000 € 50,000 € 75.000
Year 04 € 900,000 € 225,000 € 300,000
Total€ 1.200,000 € 275,000 € 425,000

Remember there is a history of the hotel. You carefully have to explain the amount in your Team file.

Costs 2017 investments.gif
But you fill out the depreciation each year, NOT the investment, as you are working in an operational review which is on costs, not investments! So the maximum new investments to be made are € 3,600,000 over four years, which is a high amount, looking at the past. And the only costs it will ring, for now, is the costs of depreciation. For now, we will refrain from other costs linked to investments, like interest. In your decisions you fill out the investment: you will find the corresponding depreciations on your operating review.

You can invest in any year, even in year 4. The depreciations then will take place in year 4, 5, 6 and 7. Of course the last three will not be visible in th game. But, your hotel doesn't 'stop' after year 4.

How big should the investment be?

First of all, you have to have a clear plan: what do you exactly want to do? Does this fit in with your strategy? Secondly, realise that investments bring costs (the depreciation as explained above), so will you earn this back?
But you do want to renovate the sauna, what does this cost? Well, check the internet, look around in study material or look at cases. An educated guess is required, so estimate the costs yourself, based on any comparable prices you have found. Try to be realistic, but as in reality 'how much does it cost' depend on so many things and is not easy to answer. A good starting point is estimating hotel costs. Do not focus too much on details and looks at the depreciation costs of existing assets, set at € 525,187. So going way above this number is risky.

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