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Your coach

Your team if running the hotel; there is a number of competitors who all run a hotel in the same market. This market to you all is a city. In most competitions there will be a coach, supporting each city and all of it's hotels with advice and suggestions. This coach will not favor any particular team but will favor the total of the city. There is more city's depending of the number of participants.
The coaches tasks are:

  • supporting and helping his or her city;
  • the first person to contact if the team has problems;
  • giving bonuses and fines;
  • representing your city in the total of the game;
  • influences the algorithm that brings you customers depending on the quality of your explanations;
  • decide on your final marks for the total of the game;
  • the contact person for resits, if applicable.

Short comment of coaches

In your Team file on the tab Dashboard at the top you will find a short comment of your coach on the year passed.

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