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Step 2/10: The Bergman family and the Emerald Forest Hotel

This family-style hotel is run by the Bergman family, especially by Christina, the youngest daughter. When constructing the hotel the family decided to call it the "Emerald Forest Hotel". The family already owned a bungalow park, which was situated among woodlands. This hotel is also at the edge of a forest-like park. The original name was chosen because of the beautiful park surrounding the hotel and the fantastic colours of the numerous trees in autumn.

The family was -and still is- a family of entrepreneurs. So after the initial start-up years, they decided that Christina was going to be the one to run the hotel at a rather young age. Last few years there was a management team running the hotel which came up with good results. However, it was a big disappointment for Christina to find out that the hotel was not being properly taking care of, and the quality of the product was going down. This management was really looking at the short-term and neglected the maintenance as well as the marketing and PR. All modern possibilities offered by the internet and social media have not yet been used. The hotel and its management are getting seriously outdated. As a result, Christina decided to look for new management with more of a vision. For herself, she has been responsible for the hotel for 10 years now, she feels that it's time to move on and take on a new challenge. One big advantage of the situation is that there is enough liquidity in the hotel, so paying for costs (or investments) will not be a problem. But, of course, this will pull down the profit. Christina realizes this and knows that in the long run, more costs will have to be made to keep the hotel business healthy.

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Typical entrepreneurs

The Bergmans are typical entrepreneurs and very involved in all that they do. Christina and her own household (man and three children) have been living next to the hotel and hardly ever took a day off. They have known most of their clients by name for years, and some of them have even become close friends. Their three children have lived on the premises all of their lives, but they are too young for the job which now lies ahead for your team.

Christina learned a lot from her brother Frank Bergman as she grew up, knowing all the ins and outs of the Emerald Forest Bungalow park. After the first five hectic years running the Emerald Forest Hotel as a young, dynamic manager she got married. Her husband, an excellent cook, came from a hotel family as well and knew what it was like to work in hospitality. After all these years of hard labour and very few days off they have decided to limit their activities related to the Emerald Forest Hotel and look for a new challenge.
The family still owns the Emerald Forest Bungalowpark which used to be run by Christina's brother Frank Bergman.
Christina also has an assistant which helps her out in busy times, her name is Jill, Jill Jandal.

On-going business

The Emerald Forest Hotel is an on-going business. So before you became the new management Christina and her family ran the place. You can see in the Team file the last year they made the prices and took the decisions: this is called the history on the tab Results.
Now you take over, you have more possibilities to make costs: at some points in the operating reviews, you will see n/a which means the family Bergman did not spend any money on some cost groups. Remember that the hotel will also continue after your four years of involvement.

New ideas needed

The family realizes that the hotel is in need of fresh insights and new ideas. There are no real problems yet, especially the financial situation (liquidity) of the hotel is just fine. The family has become very attached to the hotel after all these years and the core of the regular guests also regrets that the current owners are about to say goodbye. Despite the shortcomings of the venue, many other entrepreneurs from across the country appeared to be able to rate the venue at its true value and showed sincere interest. A number of companies from abroad particularly were trying to get a foothold in this area and were very interested in a take-over. The Bergmans were not all keen on selling to a big international company and losing the familiar character of the hotel and lots of their 'freedom' as entrepreneurs.

It may sound a bit strange, but after seeing the possible consequences, they preferred to accept a lower bid by an investment company, to whom they sold 50% of their shares. In a certain way, though, they'll stay in close touch with the hotel as a member of the Board of Directors. But they have moved away from the hotel and its premises and have found themselves a nice house in the countryside. Being a board member means Christina Bergman only has to check your decisions and read your explanations on them. Of course, she will follow the hotel in case important thing happen and might react.


The hotel and all of its infrastructure, the guests, the suppliers, the marketing.... you are responsible for all of from now on! We call this the history of the hotel. An important part of this history is the results from the past. They are partly explained in your Team file. You did receive a link to this private file. All of the results of the hotel, also those of the paste, are to be found in on the tab results in your Team file, which is also private to your team. More explanations on these results are to be found on the page operating review on this platform.
You will take over the hotel with all of its histories: so this gives you some benchmarks.

The Bergmans will not interfere with daily activities or decisions. By selling 50% of their shares they are free to start a new life. Working with an investment company means that there is also new money to make investments for new management teams if required. So liquidity is not an issue, you operating review is more important. Will you still make enough net profit to cover all the regular costs, your expenditures and additional depreciation costs coming from your investments?

This all means that the Board of Directors will look at your team's decisions and will ask the new management to justify their decisions and to explain all of the choices you make in your Team file, each year. Be sure to have links to sources in there to convince them and your coach who will evaluate your decisions. They will ask for presentations, figures & facts, analyses and, especially, a strategic vision on how to run the hotel. This vision is going to play a very important role in the way the Board will evaluate each new management team. There is also an Emerald Fund which is run by the family and on which very little information is available yet.

What does the hotel look like?

If you want to have a look at the ground plan and the different details of the hotels in pictures and videos check out the hundreds of photos and videos:

Social media

The family Bergman uses many social media

For many other accounts: check all social media and other help

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