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Welcome to the Emerald Forest Hotel! Testversion KSE

This is the homepage of your simulation KSE in Breda (11NL) April 2015. Beware that there is other competitions as well, so don't mix them up, you are #11NL everywhere. Your game is a limited version of the total of the total game, which has much more content and holds important components in Google Doc and Google spread. You will not use your own so called Teamsheet, when ever you might see this name, which is on Google spread and Docs. You have to manage your hotel, trying to do better then has been done in the past. Last years decisions and results are available as a point of reference. The hotel is located in Holland in a fictitious city called Amstelburg. Your competitors are the five other hotels (teams) in your city.

Kse logo small.jpg

You you can manage the hotel by:.

  • making decisions on prices, decisions on expendses etc;
  • by explaining why and how you do things;
  • by running your communications, website and social media in a proper way;
  • by live-actions during the game.

All of this is evaluated each playing round (a year in t he simulation) by the coaches in a creativity and entrepreneurship mark. In your case each Thursday is a year. These marks, together with your decisions, the activities of your competitors and some other elements like the demand in the market, are used to calculate. This leads to results: the occupation rate in your hotel and to the profit (we hope) and lots of ratio's and a complete operating review. In your case you will evaluate the results from hotels which have been set up in another competition.
To get grip on things we split up your managing the hotel in a number of tasks which you will do in the four (fictitious) 'years' you manage the hotel.
This platform is the database with all information on the hotel. You can navigate to the information needed: all blue links are clickable and will bring you to another page inside of this platform. For instance clicking on Photos and videos will jump to this page with photos and videos of the hotel. All blue links with a small arrow will open a new tab in your browser with an internet site outside of this platform: for instance hospitality trends 2015 or more hotel trends in 2015.

Use real sources and benchmarks like:

The navigation left-hand site will always stay active: and you can use back in your browser. By now there is 2,479 pages in this platform, so if you're new follow the steps preventing you from getting lost. First now some tweets and pictures related to your game, then your tasks.

Always check the news: latest news always on top

March, 25th

Welcome to the platform, all teams of KSE in Breda!

  • Be sure to look as much as possible on the platform before asking your coaches. Try to find answers especially via Help and info pages on the hotel.

Good luck to you all!
Information not found there, missing something? Use Facebook, or use Twitter with the hashtag #11NL.

Competition KSE Breda: use #11NL - or check Twitter-icon.png
Photos of competition KSE in Breda. Check all pictures on Flickr Flickr-icon.JPEG
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The coaches

Your coaches will help you on all four Thursdays working on the game. As all of this platform is used by many, all information here will be in English. Outside of the platform, feel free to speak and write Dutch. In social media it would be logical, it is an international hotel, to use English as well.

Your tasks

So what to do first? First check in six minutes the main explanation of all of the elements in this simulation :

You will receive team information from your coaches on:

  • The teamnumber of your hotel, which is also the username (login name) on this platform. This will look like 11NL-A02:
    • so your competition (11NL is the 11th competition KSE in Breda, Netherlands) your team number for instance A02
    • so your hotel is located in the fictitious city of Amstelburg.
    • your hotel is hotel number 02 (out of six hotels in your city, which are your competitors).
  • You'll get a team password for editing your hotels' teampage on this platform. This password will look like ve7r99 and is case sensitive.

With this information you can start meeting with your team.

  • Meet with your team members

Plan meetings with your team to make preparations and plans for who is going to do what. Managing a hotel is having your team and hotel well organized.
So you are joining with your team, nice! Check the video with explanations on your competition:

  • Study E-manual

Study this E-manual: here you will find what you need to read before taking any action.
Login with your username, go to the top right-hand corner of this page, click "My Preferences" scroll a bit down until you see e-mail, e-mail options. Change this e-mail address in a real e-mail address of one of your team members and use the save button at the bottom. This e-mail might comes handy in some cases. Do not change the password or anything else in this section.

All team members can login using the same username: multiple users at the same time with the same username is no problem. To just read the content of this platform you don't need to login at all, by the way (only if you want to edit). If you look for information on any subject you can search with the searchbox top-righthand corner: click the GO-button for a special page on the searched-for item, or use the Search button which will show all pages where the search item is mentioned. No answer found? Ask your coaches.

Your tasks during four years

  • Task year 01 basic choices for your hotel

After reading, discuss your strategic plans with regard to the hotel and come to a conclusion. First have a look at the example 11NL Example teampage. Then start filling out your own teampage starting with your hotelname.
From time to time you might see that we have changed-helped you on lay-out or outlining. If important we will mark this for instance with: Changed as help by one of your coaches. You can delete this message by removing the tag coachhelp in the edit section of this page. You can use the Sandbox to practice some editing needed on your teampage.
A short instruction video on how to edit the teampage of your hotel in the Emerald Forest Hotel platform is available. This video is a bit longer, like 10 minutes. But you can skip things or scroll forwards. Open the video (which is on this platform) in a new browsertab: Help on editing your teampage. It takes some time to get grip on this editing, it is not WYSIWYG but very, very stable. And don't worry, editing your teampage is the only thing which might annoy you because of the unfriendly way it works. Some aditional help on specific items: Help:How_to_upload_a_photo and Help:How_to_make_links.
All other elements of this simulation are done in Facebook and other platforms which are probably much more logical and user friendly :-)

  • Task year 02 get social and check the competition

Work on your external communication. Be sure it is inline with your strategy. Focus on social media and try to be consistent. On your teampage you give all of the links to the media of your choice.
Have a look at 12EE_All_teams_with_logo and chose three teams logo's which seem to be very illogical to you. You will be asked to explain this in the class.
Have a look at the competitors in your city: look for their competitiveness towards you and put them in a ranking: number 1 being your most direct competitor. You will be asked to explain this during classes.

  • Task year 03 start calculating

Will follow asap.

  • Task year 04 continue calculating

Will follow asap.

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