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Word of welcome by Christina Bergman, owner of the Emerald Forest Hotel.

"I would kindly like to welcome you all to this simulation, which is much more then just 'a game'! My name is Christina Bergman: my family and I used to run the Emerald Forest Hotel, a nice and cozy hotel with 100 rooms. In fact, we still own 50% of the hotel, but we are in urgent need of new management insights! This platform and several social media sites will support you as the new management team with over 1,950 pages in running my hotel. So, don't get killed by information and stay focused. You, as well as a number of other management teams, have the unique opportunity to show you can do better than we did in recent years. All your private financial and marketing information will not visible to other teams. I will surely keep an eye on you, through social media, the coaches etc. for I am still an active member of the Board of Directors. I wish you all lots of success in achieving profit and in your creativity!".

Want to see the promo video? Check promo Emerald Forest Hotel or check all management teams ever running my hotel in the overview of all ideas and concepts so far or pictures shot: just click here.

We are upgrading the platform. So for a few weeks you might see-get some (lay-out) issues.


This platform in the central element on the content of a very extended management game called Emerald Forest Hotel.
Interested in joining this real virtuality concept? Look in joining the game.

Expected: competition Karlsruhe

The competition in Karlsruhe will be the next in row. We are launching the new version of the total of Emerald Forest Hotel in January, so a bit patience :-). When all is set, we will inform you. You can check out the platform already.
The competition in Tallinn will join in spring and in May NHTV Breda in May.

What does the game look like?

Have a look at a short video recap from competition in Tallinn:

Underneath some photos of the finals in Tallinn April 2016. Check all pictures by click on logo: link= Flick

A video recapp of the competition in Karlsruhe Or check the long one:

What can the game do for you?

The Emerald Forest is a unique simulation, offering the opportunity to work on (business) management skills in a modern, attractive way, completely online way. The simulation is much more then just this platform and has been played by more than 4.500 participants.
The management skills to demonstrate focus on:

  • creativity, commercial calculating, managerial capacities and promotional skills.

The Emerald Forest Hotel is an international management simulation and is also set in an attractive competition based on profit and on creativity.

Emerald forest front small.jpg

You can use the Emerald Forest Hotel simulation for free, under Creative Commons. We have several packages to support you. Interested? Learn more!.

All new hotel concepts

All of the new concepts which have been worked out by the participants from over 20 countries during this management simulation are listed on the page all new hotel concepts. From there you can click to any new hotel and it's total achievements and presentation.
Or check what other teams have done so far!

Release and copyrights

If you are using the simulation, be sure to read the page disclaimer. Be sure when working on this game that whatever you post, you have the right to post that specific picture, photo, video or text without infringing anyone's copyrights. The website is actively monitored but as the entire game is an ongoing real time process it is hard to oversee all of the changes and all of the impacts. All postings are, for that matter, the individual responsibility of the editor of that specific piece of content.
If, by any means, you ended up in this website and think that the content offends your rights in any way, please contact us and we will respond. The entirety of this content is published under Creative Commons license. For details check the page copyright on this platform.


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