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Before starting the actual game, you absolutely need to know some more things to get a good grip on the situation. You can find the basic information on the following pages. Please follow the ten steps and if you have finished this you can click on any link you want to. So do not start clicking on links for now, you might get lost in the hundreds of pages ;-). Read the ten page below, all further links in these ten page are for later or when you need more information just in time.

1 Hotel objectives   What do we want you to do in the game?
2 Bergman family and the hotel     Will give you an introduction on the family Bergman and the history of the hotel  
3 Strategy   Tips on your strategy;
4 Competition   An important and nice part of the game;
5 Hotelname   Tips on choosing a new name for your hotel;
6 weekdays and weekends   Differences between weekdays and weekends?;
7 Customer   Some more information on the customers;
8 How do I get customers   Short explanation on how is decided who attracts the most customers.
9 Your evaluations   How do do we come to our evaluations of your work?
10 Disclaimer   Just to let you know how the right-issues (intellectual property) are organized

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