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Just an impression

We want to give you an idea of a demo team and hotel. This is not a perfect example and in any competitions things are just a bit different, but still we think useful. So any competition has it's own requirements, rules and assignments. But the demo files will give you a general impression.

The two most important files for all team participating in the game will be:

  • The Team File were the strategy is explained, all decisions made and explained etc: you can, obviously, not edit this demo file. Your own Team File, you can.
    Demo Team, Team File Z01.

Explanation on all elements of to be found in Team file

  • The Team finances spreadsheet to make decisions and to analyse results: you can not edit this demo file neither. Your own Team finances is also not editable, it just shows your results, graphs and financialfigures.
    Demo Team, Team finances Z01.

Explanation on all elements of to be found in Team finances

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