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If you are interested in using the platform

Check the file Joining the game which explains more on using any data related to this simulation.

If you are using the platform and the simulation and contributing to the content

The basic situation is easy: everything anywhere is copy righted automatically by law. So all pictures and images which you can find anywhere, even on the internet or social. So keep that in mind when using existing pictures, photo's when playing the simulation. There is no copyright or trademark symbol anything needed. So the fact that you can copy something (save as...) doesn't mean you are allowed to do so. Also telling a picture of photo has copyrights and mentioning the name of the 'owner' doesn't work. Copyright means you have to have an agreement with the owner. There is a number of exemptions (depending on legislation per country).
Mostly this will be:

  • humor
  • citation (so short fragments witht references). Using a photo is NOT a short reference.
  • creative addings by which the (new) image, music, video or text is a kind-of new product
  • education (to a certain extend).

We suggest not to bet on number three and four, but to be safe and chose for images you can use for sure.
There are enough of sites with copyright free images, free stock material. Google even offers this search restriction in Google image-search and then use the tab search tools and then chose labeled for reuse.

Flickr and many others sites offer free images (beware which one you chose):

Good suggestion: make pictures yourself or make a serious(creative) change to existing material, then reusing it is allowed.
All the material in our platform is creative commons as well.
For free sounds, music and videos goes the same! For instance

Release and copyrights platform

If you are a participant in the simulation, be sure to read the page disclaimer. Be sure when working on this game that whatever you post, you have the right to post that picture, photo, video or text without infringing anyone's copyrights. The website is actively monitored but as the entire game is an ongoing real time process it is hard to oversee all of the changes in all of the media and all of the impacts. All postings are, for that matter, the individual responsibility of the editor of that specific piece of content. Keep in mind, this also goes for social media!
If, by any means, you ended up on this website and think that the content offends your rights in any way, please contact us and we will respond. The entirety of this content is published under Creative Commons license.


Details on this Creative Commons license

  • Attribution. You must give appropriate credits to this platform and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • You may not use the material for commercial purposes
  • No Derivatives. If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

For details check details on Creative Commons licensing.
If you are a participant in the EmeraldForestHotel gameplay or linked to one of the partners, you are invited to use all the material in this platform and on all of our social media. Just take the portrait rights of the people int account and our privacy policy.

More on rights and disclaimers

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