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Your company might get in problems from a legal point of view during the years you are running the hotel.
This can, for instance, be between hotels because of

  • conflict with another hotel over names used, logos etc.
  • IP rights on pictures, videos
  • anything else

Another hotel or organisations might accuse you; you also have the right to do so. Accusing a team might lead to a lawsuit. Any company can ask the court to decide on issues. Keep in mind that accusing will cost you € 25,000 which, if you win the case, will have to be paid by the losing party. The verdict of the court can also mean that if you indictment was not validly you might have to pay the costs of the court, the costs of the accused party and get a fine for compensating your wrongdoing. A fine can be any amount up to € 75,000.

Real life

You can also end up in a conflict with a group or company n the real world, outside of his competition.
We do not expect any team to get into a real life problem. Remember that a lot of activities you do are visible to anyone, as we work on the internet (and especially social media). On the Disclaimer some of the implications are explained. Though you are simulating to run the hotel, you are still held responsible for every action you have taken.
During all of our years of experience we never had a conflict in real life related but please do take this seriously.

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