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== Additional information ==
== Additional information ==
*[[social media]]

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Re-Opening campaign


You have a new names, a new strategy new prices and more. Now you have to communicate this to all the stake holders.


Make a campaign communicating the news situation to the all stake holders.

Task, deliverable

Use your Team document, and put your answers in the designated space.
First make an inventory of the most important stakeholders.
Define exactly what you are going to communicate to them and why.
Which media will you be using for this, and in which ways?
Make an overview of the costs: check the internet for realistic costs for a campaign like this.
Make a calendar, what to post when, at what time etc.
And make the campaign 'ready' as far as possible.

Assessed elements

  • Are all elements done?
  • Are there enough real sources and prices?
  • Does the campaign match the strategy?

Additional information

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