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== Additional information ==
== Additional information ==
*[[Hotel name]]
*[https://startupbros.com/how-to-pick-the-perfect-name-for-your-business-or-startup/ This list might help]
*[https://www.thebalancesmb.com/top-free-business-name-generators-2951856 Name generator, more for fun or inspiration]
*[[Operating review]]

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New name, strategy and target groups


You are the name management. If you want to change the course the hotel is going, which is needed, you have to think of a new strategy, within the boundaries set by the Bergmans.


Making clear which long term goals and choices your team is making.

Task, deliverable

See the team document.
File out the requested elements. At the start of the game, you have to decide on a number of important strategic topics for your hotel, such as

  • a new name. Choose a new hotel name that matches with your strategic plans. Think of the ambitions of the hotel. Also, give an extended explanation of the new hotel name.
  • a new logo.
  • a slogan.

Also, the new strategy for the hotel needs to be determined. Your new strategy with regard to the Emerald Forest Hotel needs to be connected to clear and measurable goals.

  • revenues and profit
  • target groups - audiences. Which specific target groups within the market(s) are you aiming at?

Assessed elements

Are all the elements in line with the strategy? Is everything explained well, are their arguments for the choices made and are there links-sources backing the choices made?

Additional information

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